“Pray for the Children of ESWATINI” – Calliber

Terror has gripped the hearts of many families in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Stories and reports of children missing is an everyday thing in our local media. in this short article, Christian Rap Artist Calliber shares his thoughts on the matter.

Pray for the Children

“Pray for the Children of ESWATINI” – Calliber

In October 13 of the year 2013, the Times of Swaziland newspaper reported that as many as 303 citizens of the Kingdom of Eswatini have gone missing with no hope of ever being found. A large percentage of that number were said to be children. Unfortunately such stories are not a thing of the past in our country. Eswatini has been renown to be one of the peaceful states in the Southern African region, but the recent wave and dark revelations of a horrific nature do raise the question as to whether we have been believing a lie after all.


The trigger for these horrendous acts is said to be the Local Elections in the country. In light of the election season here in the Kingdom of ESWATINI, it is believed that some people abduct these children for the purpose of using their body parts in the performance of certain rituals that will endow them with spiritual power to procure favor and influence in their respective communities an lead up to a successful position in the countries elected parliament. It is also important to note the probability that some other groups that also practice the same evil acts for the purposes of Satanic rituals or the trafficking of human body parts also take advantage of this. It is my plea that in light of these despicable acts that as people who believe in God we stay alert in our communities and mourn with the families affected. In the Old Testament, the nation of Israel would be under a curse for following the customs of pagan nations that would participate in the murder of children as human sacrifices in the worship of idols. Even today, though we proclaim ourselves a “Christian nation”, the anger of God will be kindled against this country if nothing is done about the shedding of children’s blood for the procurement of spiritual power as others so zealously believe.


Deeper than spreading hashtags on social media, may we take some time to genuinely pray for the families who have lost their children in this painful season and ask God to open the eyes of the murderers and abductors to the glory of Christ. May we remember the words of Christ that ” Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I (Christ) say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven…” (Matthew 18:10).

Grace and Peace

– Calliber the Berean Emcee