*New Music: Skeel x Calliber “Release[d]”

*New Music: Skeel x Calliber “Release[d]”


Skeel and Calliber have collaborated on a musical piece entitled “Release[d]”. The track carries themes of deliverance a person finds by faith in Christ alone. In a world of turmoil and troubles, addictions and different kinds of physical and emotional baggage and bondage we as people find ourselves in, its encouraging to know that we can freedom in our God


According to Calliber, working on this track was a cool experience since both him and Skeel have great chemistry in the booth combined with a couple of laughs guaranteed when you recording with Master Seth. Master Seth is the producer behind the production of Skeel’s project “Construction EP”.

Skeel has hinted that the track “Release[d]” is a taste of what to expect from his next release “Behind Bars”. More details about the nature of this project will be known as time progresses. On the track “Release[d]”, both Skeel and Calliber interchange 8 bars verses with each other, and if you listen closely they pick up the introducing line from the previous rappers last word to progress their rhyme scheme. The beat was produced by Riza Penjoel, it comprises of a heavy boom bap sound to compliment the message these artists were communicating in their lines.

To listen to the track, click on the link below:

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