*New Music – X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle – Going Forward


X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle is a name well known is the hip hop circles in Eswatini. He’s getting ready to release his highly anticipated project “Uzoba Strong EP” to his faithful fans and listeners. This past week, He released a snippet of the track “Going Forward” on SoundCloud.


Xoli Sereo who is affectionately known as “X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle” or “X.O.”, is a recording  Christian artist from Hawane, Mbabane in the Kingdom of Eswatini.  He was a member of the memorable rap duo “XY Chromosomes”. After the dissolution of the Swazi pioneering Hip Hop duo, ‘XY Chromosomes,’ in the late 1990’s, X.O. later went on to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, whom he now wholeheartedly serves with his lyrical talent and ability, and other God-given endowments.


Xoli Sereo (aka X.O.The Hip-hop Apostle) is now Christian rapper from the Kingdom of Swaziland, conveying Biblical Truth in lyrical form. As a Hip Hop “Apostle” – i.e. a ‘special messenger’ or ‘sent one’ – X.O.’s vision is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and minister to the people of God and to the world at large, through his rhyming and lyrical ability, as well as through his powerful and dynamic preaching and teaching ministry. He is currently in the process of working on his debut project “Uzoba Strong EP”.

He has uploaded on his SoundCloud account an A Capella snippet of the track “Going Forward”. On the piece he shows his off his word based lyrical finesse with an energetic expression on the chorus impressing on the mind of the listener the importance of pressing on by “Going Forward”.

‘Going Forward!’ is one of the songs on X.O. the Hip Hop Apostle’s upcoming project, ‘The Uzoba Strong EP.’ The song is an exhortation for the people of God to not be discouraged, nor quit, on account of the schemes, attacks, setbacks, and delays that are caused and brought about by our enemy, Satan, and his demonic forces!


As a whole, ‘The Uzoba Strong EP’ seeks to remind and let the people of God – as well as the world at large – know, that in spite of whatever challenges that we may face in life, God is able to endow us with the strength we need, not only to endure adversity, but to also surmount and overcome the hurdles that we encounter on the way to our destiny!

X.O. The Apostle

The main idea behind ‘Going Forward!’, is that we shouldn’t allow the problems of life, the schemes and attacks of the enemy, and the things of the past, to hold us back, nor prevent us from pressing on towards our divine destiny! As born again children of God, we must look to God for strength, and learn to draw our strength from Him, for it is the strength that we get from Him, that enables us to break through demonic barriers, press forward (Philippians 3:12-14), fulfill the plan and purpose of God for our lives, and become and attain all that God has predestined us to be and attain in life!

The track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. you can listen and download it here below:


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