Thesselo Merch Shop

THESSELO411 has a got itself a shelf for which merchandize will be retailed in the Kingdom of ESwatini.

Meet “Mrs Skeel”

“I was certain that in the horizon a magazine awaits for me. I did my research, spoke to a few Journo-Baes. The reality : our market is not ready for it and the production is expensive. So, I toyed around with a lot of possible solutions, and got stuck at ‘create a YouTube channel.’ For an entire year, I was second guessing etc, but here we are…”
– Faith Mngometulu Simelane

“3 Ways to support your favorite Artist” -by Calliber

As a artist myself, many times i hear the lament of my fellow craftsmen of not receiving enough support from people who call themselves “fans” or “supporters” of their music. In the same vein, I meditated on ways artists (more especially Christian rap artists) can be supported in their labor of making quality Christ glorifying music.

Episode 2

This serves as Thesselo 411’s  audio podcast  for the month of February/March 2018.

Episode 1

This serves as Thesselo 411’s first audio podcast  for the year uploaded on our Sound Cloud Account. Podcast Tracklist: *0:36 – Sermon Snippet (Pastor Mrs. Moyo) *2:23 – “Zibheke” – Last Days Fam *7:00 – “Be Real” – Moyanic ft. Skeel *10:10 – Podcast Introduction *14:41- Swazi TV Interview with X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle…