Calliber featured on this week’s Jobe Flavoured Podcast: “Spiritual Monday”

On this week’s Jobe Flavoured Podcast episode of “Spiritual Monday”, Calliber was this week’s guest. The conversation was engrossed on details of his upcoming EP entitled “War Cry” and what the message the project seeks to communicate. From that conversation stemmed the issue of how important “Time” really is.

“RELEASE[d]” reaches No.2 on EBIS 2 Radio Weekly Charts

“If Sin is like a a drug, the world is the traphouse withouse Christ, your is gonna black-out”, these are the intro lyrics to the recent banger by Skeel x Calliber entitled “RELEASE[d]”. This week saw the duo drop the visuals for this amazing track as well as the song went on to reach no. 2 on the Eswatini Weekly Chart Show hosted by DJ Lindz and DJ Tizalami.

“Release[d]” Music Video

Skeel and Calliber are set to release a Music Video for their collaborative piece entitled “Release[d]”. Calliber hinted that there is a snippet of the video Skeel is about to be released to the public and we cannot wait!

“Pray for the Children of ESWATINI” – Calliber

Terror has gripped the hearts of many families in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Stories and reports of children missing is an everyday thing in our local media. in this short article, Christian Rap Artist Calliber shares his thoughts on the matter.