Thesselo Merch Shop

THESSELO411 has a got itself a shelf for which merchandize will be retailed in the Kingdom of ESwatini.

Jobe Flavoured Podcast

Coming to you live from somewhere in Mbabane city is the phenomenal “Jobe Flavoured Podcast”. This is a fast growing, new podcast brand, quickly taking the airwaves by storm. It consists of wholesome, spiritual, chilled and motivational content which will have you mentally engaged and aurally refreshed.

“Going Forward” on EBIS 2 Radio Chart show

X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle’s single “Going Forward” is currently sitting on #16 of the EBIS 2 Radio chart show. This piece is likely to keep escalating as the weeks progress. The single is taken from the emcee’s soon coming EP “Uzoba Strong EP”

Thesselo meets “Ntobie”

“Thesselo411 Meets” every week takes some time to interview different personalities making an impact in their community for Christ in their different talents, gifts and capacities, asking them a series of questions about themselves and their art-form.This week, we meet phenomenal and award winning poet Nontobeko “Ntobie” Ndzabukelwako

Meet Ishmael Khumalo

Meet Ishmael Khumalo, a Preacher, Radio Presenter, Husband, Father, and most importantly a disciple of Jesus Christ. You will be able to stream and download episodes of his phenomenal radio show “Be The Best You Can Be” on our website.

“RELEASE[d]” reaches No.2 on EBIS 2 Radio Weekly Charts

“If Sin is like a a drug, the world is the traphouse withouse Christ, your is gonna black-out”, these are the intro lyrics to the recent banger by Skeel x Calliber entitled “RELEASE[d]”. This week saw the duo drop the visuals for this amazing track as well as the song went on to reach no. 2 on the Eswatini Weekly Chart Show hosted by DJ Lindz and DJ Tizalami.

Rapperswitch & Team donate shoes to Mqolo Primary School.

RapperSwitch recently went on social media this month and rallied for people’s support in helping him buy school shoes for children going to Mqolo Primary School, located in Corporation in Mbabane City. In the video, he pleaded with people to donate an amount of E 100.00, as that will help him purchase the school shoes.

New Music: Skeel releases 2 new singles

Skeel released a double dose of music on the 11th of August which so happened to the artist birthday as well as the same date the artist hosted his momentous show “Stainless Skeel” last year. Interestingly enough both pieces are strikingly different from one another as Skeel was exercising his artistic capacities in showing two different sides to his craft; poetry as well as rap. One is a poetic rendition over deep instrumentation with the main theme deliberately concealed until the end whilst the other a track, is an upbeat turn-up/trap piece reflecting on the never ending love of God.