Episode 4

thesselo411 podcast Episode 4


New Music: Skeel releases 2 new singles

Skeel released a double dose of music on the 11th of August which so happened to the artist birthday as well as the same date the artist hosted his momentous show "Stainless Skeel" last year. Interestingly enough both pieces are strikingly different from one another as Skeel was exercising his artistic capacities in showing two different sides to his craft; poetry as well as rap. One is a poetic rendition over deep instrumentation with the main theme deliberately concealed until the end whilst the other a track, is an upbeat turn-up/trap piece reflecting on the never ending love of God.

Red Hip-Hop Experience

Recently, Pastor Emmanuel and the RED Foundation hosted the “RED HIP HOP EXPERIENCE” at the Liberty Community Hall in Manzini on the 24th of February. The event was geared as a platform to showcase Christian Rap acts in the Kingdom of Swaziland as well table issues regarding the perception of Christian Hip Hop and its role in the local church as a tool of evangelism and ministry.

Episode 1

This serves as Thesselo 411's first audio podcast  for the year uploaded on our Sound Cloud Account. Podcast Tracklist: *0:36 - Sermon Snippet (Pastor Mrs. Moyo) *2:23 - "Zibheke" - Last Days Fam *7:00 - "Be Real" - Moyanic ft. Skeel *10:10 - Podcast Introduction *14:41- Swazi TV Interview with X.O. The Hip Hop Apostle [...]